What to expect when you contact us?

Every new patient visit/interaction is different. When you call our office, the staff will take some basic information over the phone. If you have insurance, please have provider information available. If you are taking medications, please have that list available. Once the reason for consultation is established, the staff will be able to direct you on how to proceed.

When can I have my surgery?

For certain patients, it is possible that we may perform the procedure the first day you visit us. Most of the time, we can determine this over the phone.

What do I need to do to prepare for surgery?

In order for us to perform surgery the day we see you, you cannot eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight. Additionally, an escort over the age of 18 needs to drive you here and remain at the office for the procedure and drive you home afterwards. Most of the time we want you to continue ALL of your medications the day you visit us. This is for the doctor to decide. Do not electively stop medications unless you are instructed to do so by our staff. Special decisions pertain to diabetics and patients on blood thinners. If you are instructed to take your medications, do so at your regularly schedule intervals with a SIP of water, just enough to get the pill down. Wear clothing that you are not worried about being ruined. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled appointment to complete the check-in process.

Please bring the following with you:
1. Photo identification
2. Insurance card (if applicable)
3. Referral form from your dentist (if applicable)
4. Copies of xrays from your dentist (if applicable)
5. Print and complete the Patient Registration Form.


Insurance Information

If you have insurance, we will contact your insurance company for benefits prior to your surgery and provide you with a treatment estimate. You will be responsible for your estimated co-payment at the time of service. Insurance estimates are not a guarantee of payment. If you have a balance after insurance has remitted payment, a statement will be mailed to your home.

Will this be covered by my dental insurance or medical insurance?
Most dental procedures involving the teeth and gums may be covered by dental insurance.  All other procedures, if a covered benefit, may be covered by your medical insurance.  Please bring both medical and dental insurance information and we can appropriately put together your insurance estimate.

If we are not providers under your plan AND you do not have out-of-network benefits, the cost of surgery is due at the time of service.