Getting a tooth removed doesn't have to be a stressful experience. The majority of our patients have a tooth or teeth removed under IV sedation. Not being awake for any sounds or senses really gets the healing process started in the right direction. The less stressed you are, the better job our surgeons can do and the better you will heal.


The overwhelming majority of masses and bumps found in the mouth are benign (not cancerous). However, it is generally best to have any abnormal spot removed and evaluated under the microscope. Most biopsies are fairly quick and virtually pain free surgeries. We understand your nervousness if you've been told you need a biopsy. We can usually treat you on the day of consultation and will contact you as soon as your results are received by us.


Occasionally, a permanent tooth may be displaced in the upper or lower jaw bone and not be able to erupt correctly into the mouth. This is often identified early in development by the patient's dentist or orthodontist. The treatment for a tooth failing to erupt into position is the bonding of a chain or button to the tooth and allowing the orthodontist or dentist to "pull" the tooth into correct position with the assistance of braces. In the Northern Kentucky area, there seems to be a high propensity of impacted (not able to erupt) teeth, particularly with the canine tooth. We have simplified what was once a complex procedure by utilizing our 3D CT for identification of the impacted tooth/teeth and plan the least invasive surgery for our patients. In this manner, our success rates are extremely high and our patient downtime is significantly lessened.